Who Speaks For The Unborn?

Who speaks for me?

Not Bart Stupak and his disgraceful band of faux-life Democrats.

Here’s the thing: either you believe that a pregnant woman carries within her an actual human life that is to be cherished and protected or…you don’t. There’s very little room for compromise and back room deals.

See what redhk has to say over at RedState.

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One response to “Who Speaks For The Unborn?

  1. I’m curious, when do these Democrats think life begins?
    If I go down to the beach and grab the egg from an endangered bird, crack it in a pan and fry it, I’ll go to jail. It’s not born. If it’s freshly laid, it’s not viable if taken from its shell.
    But yet, these people will happily kill a child in the womb, and think nothing of doing it in the third trimester.

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