“Creep” Is A Synonym For “Adulterer,” Actually

People who cheat on their cancer-stricken spouses are all creeps, even if said spouse isn’t a particularly nice person. Thus, the revelation that John Edwards is a creep shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Aside from that, this is not the way normal people act! This man wanted to be President of the United States, for crying out loud! Frankly, it scares the pants off me that someone who appears to be quite unstable was ever considered a viable candidate. Worse…people were willing to vote for him!

Andrew Young, the man who falsely claimed to be the child of Edwards’ daughter, Frances, has penned a book revealing all the sordid details. In fact, if this were a work of fiction, I’d call it a trashy novel. Young claims to have gone along with Edward’s  paternity scheme, among other things, due to misguided loyalty. Or, possibly, the chance to pen a tell-all.

H/T Dan Collins


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5 responses to ““Creep” Is A Synonym For “Adulterer,” Actually

  1. Brenda Helverson

    People who cheat . . . are all creeps . . . .

    I agree. And that includes people who pick fights with strangers and then sneakily delete any followup comments. However, I might substitute “coward” for “creep.” Or just use Republican – its all the same thing.

    • paulag1955

      I don’t have to sneakily delete comments. It’s my blog so I can choose to publish or not publish any comments I want. I have a few of rules that I follow when deciding which comments to publish. The first is no name calling in the comments section. The second is no profanity. The third is that the comments have to pertain to the actual contents of the post. Last, in keeping with the spirit of it being my blog, I don’t have to publish any comments that irritate me. I’m cutting you some slack on this comment, which doesn’t really pertain to the content of the post, mainly to post this reply. Please keep the rules for comments in mind in the future.

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