Massachusetts Democrats’ Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

For a campaign flier so vile, I’m surprised anyone – even the Massachusetts Democrat Machine – thought it would be a good idea. You can see the flier and find some details here.

The hypocrisy of the flier is staggering. Massachusetts Democrats manage to get one thing right; there are some places that politics don’t belong…then they proceed to go there.

The issue?

…An unsuccessful legislative amendment in 2005 that Brown sponsored, which would have allowed hospital employees to deny rape victims an emergency contraceptive on religious grounds. The facility would have had to have someone else available to administer the contraceptive, or refer the victim to another facility at no additional cost. The amendment was attached to a bill that he ultimately voted for, which required emergency rooms to provide the contraceptives to rape victims.

Even while relaying the facts of the situation, the Boston Globe can’t resist framing it in the most negative way possible: “deny rape victims an emergency contraceptive.” I prefer to think of it as “balancing the rights of one individual with the rights of another.”

The flier comes with a double dose of hypocrisy, especially brazen under the circumstances.

When you contrast that with Martha Coakley’s lack of concern for a 23 month old rape victim during the same year,  you have a concrete example of which of the two cares less.  In October of that year, Keith Winfield of Melrose raped his 23 month old niece with a hot object, which police believed was a curling iron.  Martha, who was the Middlesex County DA at the time, oversaw the Grand Jury, which reviewed the evidence and took NO ACTION.  After a criminal complaint and intense pressure from the mother, charges were filed.  At which point, Martha’s office RECOMMENDED NO CASH BAIL, and that this diddler be released on PERSONAL RECOGNIZANCE for trial.

So the Democrats send out a flier implying that Scott Brown lacks even a basic level of empathy for rape victims, while their own candidate set free and ultimately declined to prosecute a man who raped a toddler with a hot curling iron. A man who was successfully prosecuted by her successor. Nice.

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One response to “Massachusetts Democrats’ Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

  1. The Dems in MA will stoop to anything to try to win this election … as low as they deem necessary. The flier is a low blow. Looks like a nasty lawsuit no doubt.

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