Snohomish County Phone Bank for Scott Brown

Hosted by Robert Mori. From Robert’s e-mail:

After the late Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy passed away, there is now a heated race for his US Senate replacement.  Scott Brown (R) is running  neck and neck with the assumed replacement, Martha Coakley (D). Scott Brown can be the one vote to stop the current health care reform measures in the Senate as this will remove the filibuster proof status of the Democrats.

Here is Scott Brown’s position on Health care reform at his website:

Health Care

I believe that all Americans deserve health care coverage, but I am opposed to the health care legislation that is under consideration in Congress and will vote against it. It will raise taxes, increase government spending and lower the quality of care, especially for elders on Medicare. I support strengthening the existing private market system with policies that will drive down costs and make it easier for people to purchase affordable insurance. In Massachusetts, I support the 2006 healthcare law that was successful in expanding coverage, but I also recognize that the state must now turn its attention to controlling costs.

Check out the rest of his platform at
I am opening up my home to set up a phone bank for at  this Saturday 8:30 am till 6pm. and Sunday 1-6 pm.  I have available 8 desks and 4 toll free lines to call Massachusetts.  Of course many of you have cell phones that can call toll free to Massachusetts all weekend long. Bring them along.
I  been in touch with the Brown campaign  and they have promised me 3000 numbers and a script to use for his campaign.  I will confirm receipt of this information with you before you come over.
I will also have the NFL playoffs in the background so you can keep up to date with the latest scores. Please spread the word about this as I don’t want to be making phone calls by myself!!

At Your Service,

Robert S. Mori, CPA
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7429 East Heather Way
Everett, WA           Greater Seattle Tel.
98203-5424           (206) 965-9609
Fax (425) 353-0899

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