A New Hope

With Scott Brown in the role of Luke Skywalker and the Massachusetts Democrat Machine cast as the evil Empire.

If Scott Brown pulls off a win in Massachusetts, I’ll have real hope that Patty Murray and Jay Inslee can be defeated next November.

A couple of interesting points from the article.

Yet even in the bluest state, it appears Kennedy’s quest for universal health care has fallen out of favor, with 51 percent of voters saying they oppose the “national near-universal health-care package” and 61 percent saying they believe the government cannot afford to pay for it.

Apparently, 10 per cent of the people surveyed support the health care reform legislation even though they believe the government can’t afford to pay for it. Presumably, these are the same people who could benefit from this video.

Especially troubling for Democrats:

While Brown has 91 percent of registered Republicans locked up, an astonishing 17 percent of Democrats report they’re jumping ship for Brown as well – likely a product of Coakley’s laser-focus on hard-core Dems, potentially at the exclusion of other Democrats whom she needed to win over, Paleologos said.

If that 17 per cent figure is accurate – or even in the ball park – that’s a huge concern for almost every Democrat facing re-election. The National Review quoted Martha Coakley as saying, “If I don’t win, 2010 is going to be hell for Democrats. Every Democrat will have a competitive race.” She’s denied that the words are hers, but the underlying thought rings true nonetheless.

Hope and change, baby.

Update 1: Stephen Kruiser makes the excellent point that a 4 per cent lead is still within the margin of ACORN fraud.

Update 2: The Campaign Spot at NRO analyzes the Suffolk poll. Hope floats.

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One response to “A New Hope

  1. What an outstanding looking site! Well done…and…speaking of hope and change-in Mass (where I lived for several years)-they are starting to get it now with [Obama] running the show in DC. They’ll go Brown-I just KNOW it.

    Nice job here…I like the site!

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