Tossing Their Hats In The Ring

I may not be a genius, but I don’t think you need to use rocket science to conclude that Chris Widener will make his Senate run official tomorrow morning.

Patty Murray is the Senate’s most liberal legislator. Her lifetime ACU rating is 2.92, barely above Jim McDermott’s 2.52. But – get this – in 2008, Murray scored zero. She must be replaced.

Look for Clint Didier’s announcement on January 11th.

It’s my belief that the primary will be a contest between these two candidates, unless someone with huge name recognition expert fund-raising skills enters the race late.

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One response to “Tossing Their Hats In The Ring

  1. I don’t know if Chris can win–though if the wave is big enough in November, anything can happen–but I’m hoping that his background in public speaking can at least succeed in conveying a strong, coherent conservative message in a way that is palatable to Washingtonians. Even if he doesn’t win, if he can do that, he’ll sow the seeds of future success–for himself, for conservatives, for the Republican Party, and, most importantly, for Washington state.

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