In Defense of Matthew Manweller

I had the opportunity to speak to Washington State Republican Party Chairman, Luke Esser, today. Among other things, he offered this defense of Dr. Manweller:

Dr. Mathew Manweller is a strong, committed conservative who has worked hard to improve the Republican Party, our state and nation. He has displayed tremendous courage by openly and proudly proclaiming his conservative beliefs in a hostile academic world of liberal activism. Last week Dr. Manweller proposed a strategy for the 2010 elections whereby Republicans nationally would “target their challenges to representatives who are disproportionately liberal in comparison to their districts.” While I don’t agree with his proposed strategy (I favor going on offense against the Democrats in every district where Republicans have a reasonable chance of victory), it’s ridiculous for anyone to question Dr. Manweller’s motives. We certainly could use more thoughtful debate about how best to defeat Democrats and advance our shared conservative principles. Ad hominem attacks on Dr. Manweller do nothing to accomplish either of those goals.

I don’t know Dr. Manweller, but Esser does and I’m willing to take his word on the matter. His statement is, I believe, more in response to this post at RedState than mine, as I was merely commenting on Manweller’s stunningly incomprehensible position about how the GOP should approach the next election cycle.  Definitely not this one at Horse’s Ass…Jon DeVore seems fairly certain that Dr. Manweller is conservative.

Considering some of Manwellers embarrassing right wing antics, like the time he called supporters of the minimum wage “dumber than a post,” it’s pretty darn funny that there’s a little internecine warfare going on at the WSRP.

Why do I think it’s internecine conflict? Because the attacks against Manweller are being cheered by fellow WSRP executive board member Nansen Malin of Pacific County, who at last sighting was relentlessly attacking Brian Baird because he wouldn’t have a town hall in her living room.

Here’s a bit of advice for Mr. DeVore. If you’re going to follow someone on Twitter – and especially if you’re going to write about it on your blog – you should click through and actually read their links. Ms. Malin wasn’t tweeting links to the RedState post, but she did tweet a link to this blog. There is no internecine warfare going on at the WSRP. So sorry to disappoint.

(Note: Martin Knight’s post at RedState makes excellent points about the inadvisability of Dr. Manweller’s plan, whether or not you agree that he’s a Democrat sleeper.)


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4 responses to “In Defense of Matthew Manweller

  1. corey

    Matt seems like a really good guy I have talked to him a few times. he is a great speaker as well. I feel that the idea of attacking democrats disproportionately liberal for there area is a good idea provided there are accusable pockets of voters. it will be nice when the Dems actually have to defend and explain them selves to the metro area and how the continual failures like in Seattle’s education can be fixed by the party who created the problem.

    • paulag1955

      Corey, I think everyone agrees that it’s a good idea to target Democrats who are disproportionately liberal for their districts; the controversy was over whether or not the Blue Dogs should be exempted from that strategy. I certainly didn’t intend my post to be an attack against Dr. Manweller’s Republican creds.

  2. Luke Esser thinks Manweller is a conservative?
    I guess that clears it up.
    As long as “conservatism” means elections with open nominations disallowed, only one Esser-approved name permitted on the ballot, election fraud protected by armed guards, discussion of the process illegally banned and government telling private businesses what products they must inventory and sell.
    Maybe, instead, we should ask Olympia Snowe?

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