Sanity – Not Marxism – In Short Supply In Seattle

Posted by Guest Blogger, Zach

Apparently the cause of freedom and personal liberty is—get this—idealistic.

Or so I was told by socialized health care supporters at an Obama-sponsored rally Thursday in Downtown Seattle’s Westlake Park. This of course was in addition to being called an ignorant privileged white male. And being smacked on the head (twice) by an Obamacare supporter frustrated that I called out his inability to provide rationale to back up his claim that “our side” was spreading misinformation.

At least he didn’t bite off my finger.

President Obama’s Organizing for America and SEIU drew a crowd of 1,500-2,000 supporters of socialized health care, waving curiously-identical signs adorned with Obama and Planned Parenthood logos and chanting such catchy and original slogans as “yes we can!” Across the street stood 75-100 counter-protesters armed with Gadsden flags, homemade signs and a megaphone. Clearly an Astroturf mob funded by the insurance lobby.

While the emotion-fueled mindlessness occurring at the main rally was to be expected, being called idealistic by a Marxist, however, was quite a shock. Typically it’s the government-is-capable-of-anything crowd who is most deserving of the title of “idealist.” But no. A laundry list of hypotheticals in which too many people simply “fall through the cracks” was the foundation for an older woman’s assertion that my free-market approach to health insurance reform was idealistic. The mere suggestion of the involvement of private enterprise appeared to disgust those with whom I spoke.

How far our great nation has fallen when paying your own way in life is considered idealistic.

So what’s a better way? Well, shifting the financial burden to the greedy rich of course.

“It should be a sliding scale,” the woman explained.

Kind of like the sliding scale that already exists in which you can choose to purchase either lower cost no-frills insurance plans or plans of a more comprehensive nature which offer lower deductables yet higher premiums? Well… no. That sliding scale doesn’t force anyone else to subsidize your existence to the point where you are no longer faced with the awful decision which to pay for: health insurance or the unlimited Internet and texting package on your iPhone.

“So you think it should be more along the lines of, ‘from each according to their income, to each according to their need’?” I asked her.

“Yes!” Her eyes glowed. Her scowl turned to a smile. This ignorant conservative standing before her holding a sign reading “Obamacare: Finger-biting good!” finally understood the fundamental change we needed to bring to America!

But wait, isn’t that Marxism? No! Well… You can call it whatever you want. It’s compassion.”

And all this time I thought compassion was giving people the tools to help themselves, not help themselves to the earnings of hard-working taxpayers.


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3 responses to “Sanity – Not Marxism – In Short Supply In Seattle

  1. Brandon K

    I want a tshirt that says Obamacare: Finger-biting good! With a stick figure of someone biting someone’s finger. Or just a pic of Mike Tyson

  2. flicka47

    So,it’s “compassion” when they think somebody else should pay for them. What do they want to call it when they are asked to pay for someone else?

  3. DCbigpappa

    Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he’ll eat forever. That, or he’ll bite off your finger.

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