Lies, Half-Truths And Talking Points, Part II

More about the Jay Inslee health care townhall meeting.

As was to be expected, one of the questions was, “…if this is such a good program, if you’re going to be on it.” Inslee’s response:

“[You] will be pleased to know that members of the US Congress will be subject to all of the rights and liabilities of this bill, every jot and tittle.”

This goes beyond disingenuousness and right into the realm of deliberate deception. I’ve already covered this bit of double-talk at The Sundries Shack.

“The problem lies not in Inslee’s answer, but in the question itself. Asking the question in such general terms allows him to skirt the issue, and do so with a clear conscience. “Yes, we’ll be subject to the same conditions as everyone else…” and then the unspoken caveat, “which will allow us to keep our current plan as long as our employer continues to offer it.”

It occurs to me that the real question is this: With a “perfectly good” public option in place, is Congress willing to abandon their current, privately underwritten plan and participate in the public option? Furthermore, are they willing to put it on the table during negotiations with SEIU?”

Unlike most of the rest of us, Congress is in the enviable position of setting their own salaries and benefits. Does anyone believe they’ll vote to discontinue their privately underwritten plan?

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