Let Me Restate The Question

I just posted my first thoughts resulting from yesterday’s townhall meeting with Congressman Jay Inslee. You can read them over at The Sundries Shack. It occurs to me, we’re not asking the right questions about health care. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Let Me Restate The Question

  1. flicka47

    The right question, and I do not know how to word it ,is how & why does the Fed Gov’t think it should run “private” enterprise.

    Not just from the standpoint of they can’t run anything well,but from the point it is not their place.

    We need somehow to get back to what the real problem is. And that is in part that progressives will not recognise the right to “the pursuit of happiness” involves the right to personal property.

    This health care fiasco not only includes making health care choices for people,but telling them how they will spend their money & ultimately how they will live their lives.

    We have to be able to state why this is not a responsibility of the Federal Gov’t if we ever want to take the arguement back to where it should be.

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