The Boy In The Bubble

This blog entry really must be seen to be believed, as author believes that union members would make an effective “enforcement team” at townhall meetings.

How difficult would it be to…

  • State clearly and widely that meetings are for “little ‘d'” democratic discussion, and that outbursts will not be tolerated.
  • State clearly and widely that those exhibiting outbursts will be peacefully, firmly, and swiftly removed from the event.
  • Gather an enforcement team that will peacefully, firmly, and swiftly remove those disturbing the proceedings. I’d bet that there are many union workers, for example, who’d gladly adopt this role. (Emphasis mine.)
  • State clearly and widely that video cameras will be welcomed, so that a public record of any people removed by the enforcement team will be available to prove that all removals were peaceful, firm, and swift.
  • Notify local law enforcement of the event, to allow them to have a presence if they wish. If they’re present, the likelihood that the enforcement team would have to take action would be greatly reduced, IMO.

Perhaps the author hasn’t seen this video of SEIU thugs attacking Ken Gladney, an Africa-American conservative, for distributing “Don’t Tread On Me” flags.

Mr. Gladney describes the incident here.

Even so, burningbush makes a great point:

Replacing in-person town hall meetings with random-call phone “meetings” means that those who are keenly interested and informed on a given issue have less opportunity to ask probing questions of their legislator, and it also diminishes the opportunity for such people to interact with and persuade their fellow citizens.

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  1. Wow, when you read that emphasized comment you can see how easily people are duped into believing government officials, who are supposed to represent ALL the people, can have personal gestapo forces such as Hitler’s SS.

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