Where’s the Outrage, Senator?

Back in March, I blogged about Senator Patty Murray’s feigned outrage over the notorious performance bonuses paid at AIG, despite having voted for the bill that authorized them. Today, I learned of something that I thought should have provoked a similar reaction.

It seems that GM – the same GM that took, oh, oodles and oodles of taxpayer cash – spent $2,760,000 on lobbying in the second quarter. To be fair, that figure was down a whopping 1.4% from the first quarter, but that’s still over a million dollars more than AIG paid out in performance bonuses.

I thought that, certainly, such an egregious abuse of the taxpayers would elicit another call from Senator Murray to make us whole but so far…nothing. Now I don’t know about you, but I would vastly prefer that my tax dollars be spent to fulfill contractual obligations to AIG employees than handed over to lobbyists who spend it to influence senators, like Senator Murray, who are notably quiet on this issue today.

(H/T Jimmie at The Sundries Shack)

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