Journalists Do Not Fail To Disappoint

Back in April, I blogged about a really shoddy piece of writing I’d seen on The Associated Press’s website.

Just last week, I bemoaned the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, wondering if it’s absence was contributing to deteriorating standards at the Seattle Times.

Today, the AP is once again in my sights. Today, Bill Gates addressed the National Conference of State Legislatures’ annual legislative summit in Philadelphia. Speaking on education, he advocated for rewarding effective teaching and developing better, universal measures of performance for students and teachers.

I mostly agree with Gates points on education, but near the end of the article, I came across this little gem.

In an interview later Tuesday with The Associated Press, Gates, 51, talked of the importance of improving the quality, quantity and searchability of online lectures, which he noted his own kids have used.

That number, 51, caught my eye, because just a few years ago, Bill Gates and I were the same age. On the extremely unlikely possibility that I was, er, wrong, I checked Wikipedia. Sure enough, Bill Gates was born October 28th, 1955. I freely admit that math is not my strong suit, but even I know that makes him 53 years old as I type this.

Ironic, don’t you think, that this reporter unconsciously highlights the need for the kinds of reforms Gates is proposing?

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  1. Recon

    Just for fun, look up UNESCO, and notice here that Gates has signed every page:

    Click to access UNESCO%2BMS%2BAgreement.pdf

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