Elected Officials Think The Public Is Too Stupid To Notice

From the Politico article, CBO deals another blow to House health plan:

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office dealt another blow to House Democrats on Friday night, saying their health care bill would increase the federal deficit by $239 billion over the next 10 years.

The projected shortfall means Democrats would need to find additional revenue or make deeper cuts to existing programs in order to meet their goal of paying for the $1 trillion bill.

But those projections don’t account for a $245 billion reduction in the deficit this legislation would create, if Democrats can also approve new balanced budget rules that would permanently address an annual shortfall in Medicare payments to physicians. Democrats may also defend the cost of their bill by pointing out that in the long run, under new accounting rules, the bill would generate a $6 billion surplus.

Congressional Democrats intend to change the accounting rules to make it appear as though their health care plan is a profit center rather than a money pit and they think you’re stupid enough to fall for it. Are you?


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2 responses to “Elected Officials Think The Public Is Too Stupid To Notice

  1. TechAskew

    They don’t care because they are all Dirty and will get rich in some way off the very people they claim to be helping. We may not have the ability to defeat all of their Sabotage of the Constitution and America as a whole right now but some day!

    As I discussed with a fellow Patriot the other day we must fight the battles that need fighting not just the quick battles we can win. Stooping to the lowdown vile and vulgar level of the opposition will get us nowhere. Only the Silent are sheep!

  2. Ah, but they’re being educated otherwise. We’re making progress and have the administration on the ropes on Obamacare, Card Check, and maybe even Cap & Trade!

    Let’s keep up the pressure!

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