Liz Cheney Is Magnificent!

She is as lucid and articulate as her father, but without the baggage. Listen as she slams President Barack Obama’s “middle ground” approach to keeping the country safe (the good part starts around 2:15 into the video).

When you’re fighting terror, keeping the country safe, your objective is to keep the country safe. Your objective can’t be, let’s try to find middle ground, um, you know, on a political spectrum. You can’t look at this as a political issue and you can’t look at it as a test about, well, some decisions make conservatives angry and some decisions make liberals angry. You’ve got to ignore that because at the end of the day, saying you made a decision because it was a compromise between liberals and conservatives is not the same as saying you made the best decision to keep this nation safe, regardless of what the political polls say or regardless of what your political opponents say.



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6 responses to “Liz Cheney Is Magnificent!

  1. Liz did an awesome job, very articulate!

  2. More people should speak up. If we just keep looking to both parties to make a decision, nothing will get done. Wait, nothing ever seems to get done unless it is the most asinine thing thought of. Makes a grown adult feel like a baby again. *sighs*

    Bravo for Liz Cheney!

  3. I am very impressed with Liz Cheney and I am looking forward to hearing her speak at the Smart Girl Summit! She is a breath of fresh air~strong willed~intelligent~determined!

  4. I totally agree – I would be happy for Liz and her father to take the lead in beating back Obama and his destructive agenda. Americans are tired of hearing about how awful the USA is, this country needs to be praised and defended. No apologies necessary.

  5. Stahrdance

    Liz Cheney “is” baggage!

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