Dripping With Irony, But Not In A Good Way

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, Democrat and Catholic, has been a strong proponent of abortion rights. Speaking at a retirement luncheon for Karen Cooper, long-time Washington State director for NARAL, Gregoire said, “We are blessed to have had you as our great leader.”  She then spoke of  “those, candidly, not yet born who will benefit from your leadership.”

Gregoire’s comments go beyond those of a politician who has pragmatically adopted a pro-choice position and mark her as a true believer. Invoking future generations who will benefit from Cooper’s work with NARAL, an organization, remember, who’s name originated as the National Abortion Rights Action League, with no consideration given to those who will never be born because of that same work, indicates a callousness and shallowness of thought that I find extremely disturbing.


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10 responses to “Dripping With Irony, But Not In A Good Way

  1. Just stumbled this, hope more people see it.

    Those who support NARAL believe they’re building a better future, that’s the ultimate irony. The better future is one where “choice” means having all the sex one can have w/o consequences, designer babies, no restrictions on experimentation of any sort, etc. It may seem like they’re focused on their present pleasures to those of us who are more conservative, but they really do believe this is the future they’re creating.

    It just amazes me we have more money & power than any nation in the history of the world, and we can’t say with any certainty – as a people – that having children is a good thing.

  2. Nothing to add. You said it all. Gregoire is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  3. I read that and thought it was so bizarre, as if the preborn are going to benefit from NARAL???

    • paulag1955

      It is very bizarre, isn’t it? I wish I could understand her thought process there.

  4. Scott

    It’s very simple actually, they want to eliminate “unwanted” babies. Never mind that that means killing them. They just don’t understand or they don’t care that it’s human life.

  5. I wrote this during the campaign but I think it fits this topic and this person as well as it does our President. I find it very ironic that the President and first lady who are black are such proponents of abortion when the majority of abortions are performed on minority mothers and their babies.
    Do you think those who support
    a woman’s right to “choose”
    actually have you in mind
    when it’s really just aruse?
    Do you think that one who says
    you should vote for change
    and the supports your baby’s death
    now doesn’t that sound strange?
    Do you think
    those who support
    babies (mostly black)
    to be torn from their mother’s womb
    really have your back?
    Do you think that one more program
    Is gonna get you outta this mess
    One more hand out instead of up
    But still you have less.
    Now think, young generation
    with all your life ahead
    Look back at the degradation
    and where it has led
    Do you think that
    your great-grandma
    as the first recipient
    of the program started
    back in the day
    thought that it meant
    decades more of slavery
    of an “acceptable” kind
    do you think future bondage
    is what she had in mind?
    Don’t think programs
    and more handouts
    think “we will overcome”
    Isn’t that what Dr. King meant?
    Not more welfare funds.
    Please think about the past
    And see how far we’ve come
    we’re not there yet,
    but by God’s grace
    the battle will be won
    So think on this election day
    with your heart, mind and soul,
    Let freedom be your only choice
    And liberty be your goal.
    Lisa Simmons October 08

  6. My fave bumper sticker:

    Equal Rights for Unborn Women!

  7. Wow…what a truly bizarre thing to say. What kind of twisted reasoning does it take to come up with something like that?

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  9. No8to5forme

    What if Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, or even Bill Gates had been aborted???

    Perhaps (to help pregnant women determine whether or not they should abort), in addition to gender testing in the womb, we can develop a test to determine whether or not the fetus will have a substantially positive impact on the world?

    Sadly, if a pro-life mother took the test, only to learn her child would grow up to be Christine Gregoire – it would be a very depressing day indeed….but there’s always adoption ; ).

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