More Corruption In King County

From the Seattle Times on Saturday, April 11:

“An eight-member jury ruled in U.S. District Court in Seattle Wednesday that Roads Division Manager Linda Dougherty and Roads Planning Section Manager Jennifer Lindwall took action against [Ho-Chuan Chen and Hossein Barahimi] in retaliation for their dissent.”

Washington residents will find nothing unusual in yet another tale of corruption in King County, but the rest of the country may be interested as King County Executive, Ron Sims, is on his way to that other Washington to serve in the Obama Administration as the #2 in command of HUD. (Full Article)

The Times article is incredibly sketchy coverage of an important story; to remedy that, Mike Costello has written an excellent piece for his blog, The Squeaky Wheel. Please read this piece and forward the link to readers around the country.

Dory Monson, a local talk show host, also covered the story on his show.

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