The AP Maintains Their Journalistic Reputation

Hey, writing like this is why they get paid the big bucks while I work for free, right?

Several years ago, a crew member of a Taiwanese fishing boat hijacked for six months was killed by pirates, but no reason was given but it appeared to be an isolated incident, according to Noel Choong, who heads the International Maritime Bureau’s piracy reporting center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. No reason was given but it appeared to be an isolated incident, he said.

(Unfortunately, the full article is no longer available.)


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17 responses to “The AP Maintains Their Journalistic Reputation

  1. I say we double your salary immediately and offer ‘them’ tutoring lessons as well. Plenty of spare money floating around so free lessons for all.

    Ad: Come to its only words writing school of blogging!

    Seriouly, I’ve been missing visiting with you. I’ll be back to normal in about one week and we can visit online I hope!/sc

  2. I had to read that paragraph 3-times to try and figure out what in the heck was going on with it. My eyes are now permanently crossed.

    To coin a very loaded Southern turn of phrase “Well, bless their hearts!”

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  4. If you have a link to the article, I was interested in reading it.

  5. SG

    I’ll give the writer a pass on this one, and blame an editor’s faulty copy and paste skills…or maybe their proofreading skills. I wrote for the school paper way back in the college days, and it was amusing on occasion to compare what I turned in against what ended up in print.

  6. Holy crap in a bowl, Batman. No wonder those newspapers are folding left and right….

  7. Hannah

    So the author of that piece had a bad day. I’m sure that there are days when you can’t seem to put together a coherent sentence, so why criticize the author for not making sense? Just because he’s getting paid for what he does doesn’t mean that he can (or should) always be perfect, you know.

    • paulag1955

      Well that is why they have editors at news organizations. Curious…You indicate that perfection shouldn’t be the goal in a journalist’s writing. Why not?

  8. Hannah

    Editing is hard work, and I say that as an editor myself (I edit articles for my college’s newspaper). You have to walk a fine line between correcting mistakes that don’t make sense and altering the author’s work so much that it doesn’t read like it’s their work anymore. So maybe the editor couldn’t edit it any more than he/she already did without running the risk of making it sound like their own work, instead of sounding like the author’s work.

    And perfection is impossible, so that’s why I don’t think that anyone should strive for that. Why strive for the impossible when you can just as easily strive for a more realistic goal?

    • paulag1955

      I agree, editing is hard work. I’ve worked as a technical writer and editor. Perfection may be impossible to achieve, but, for me, setting the bar higher produces consistently better results. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t sometimes write things that make me cringe when I go back and read them.

  9. Hannah

    If you yourself have written cringe-worthy things, then why do you seem to think that this AP journalist shouldn’t have gotten away with writing this cringe-worthy article? Or is it only okay when you write cringe-worthy things, and not okay when others do that?

  10. Hannah

    I’m an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing, which is basically my college’s version of a Journalism major.

    And so what if you don’t get paid to write? Why does that somehow make it okay for you to have off days sometimes, but not okay for people who are paid to have off days sometimes? It’s not like off days can be prevented, you know, so why fault people for having them?

  11. Hannah

    Yes, I do. More specifically, I’d like to be a film or theatre critic.

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