Budget Innovations!

In a brilliant display of innovation, State lawmakers have combined two plays from their playbook: “it’s for the children” and “you don’t need no stinkin’ 911.”

From King5.com:

“Children’s CEO Dr. Tom Hansen says the proposed cuts don’t make financial sense.

‘The budget cuts $60 million from Children’s Hospital to save the State only $25 million,” he told a news conference in Olympia. “$35 million of this cut is federal Medicaid matching funds that will be lost; turned back to the federal government.'”

I’m not claiming to be a budget expert, nor am I trying to claim that the budget can be balanced without making cuts to essential services such as education, prisons and Medicaid payments to Children’s Hospital.

All I’m saying is that until every bit of discretionary and pork-barrel spending has been stripped from the budget, it’s hard to believe that lawmakers are really trying. And if you doubt that pork-barrel spending exists at the State level, let me point out that Spokane, the intended recipient of $200K to help host the US Figure Skating Championships, is the home district of Senate Majority Leader, Lisa Brown.

Question: I still want to know, is State aid and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants on the table?

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