Protest For Government Accountability

Government spending is skyrocketing, onerous taxes are being considered and our representatives in Olympia and Washington, D.C., seem increasingly deaf to citizens’ concerns. In response, 36% of Americans (#43, page 10) now say they are willing to participate in a “symbolic tea party” to protest excessive government spending.

Not surprisingly 47% of self-identified Republicans are willing to participate. What is surprising is that nearly a third – 29% – of self-identified Democrats and Independents are also willing.

Numerous Tax Day Tea Parties are planned for Washington State. The number planned nationwide is impressive. Those of you who live in other, less-blessed regions can find a local Tea Party  here.

I want to particularly call attention to the Everett, Washington, Tea Party because I think the organizers, Joe and Jane Citizen, have done such impressive work planning it. You can check out their website, Renew Liberty but I’ll include the pertinent details here.

A peaceful protest of Unrestrained Government.
April 15th    12 noon – 7 pm     10th St. Marina Park

Scheduled Activities
12:00 – 1:30 Lunchtime speakers
3:00 – 5:00  Protest Walk to City Hall
5:30 – 7:00  Evening Speakers

All Day Activities
Food Drive: Collecting non-perishables for human consumption
and canned/dry pet food.  (Donations will go to Volunteers of America of Western Washington/Everett Animal Shelter)
BYOB-B-Q or visit the coffee/snack shop in the Park
All age Patriotic Games/Prizes
Symbolic Photo Ops reflecting 1773 events
Live Music, Petitions to sign, Opportunites to join Groups,
Educational Material, Voter Registration, Etc., Etc.

Come on down and help us become a lobby not to be ignored! Bring your signs for the Protest Walk to City Hall.  This event is rain or shine, just like in 1773, so you may want to bring along an umbrella.  Other things to consider bringing:  a blanket, something to sit on, many friends, neighbors, your friendly dog and don’t forget your Tea Party Tool Kit (see

It would benefit us greatly if those planning to make the event would contact us via this site, give an e-mail address and perhaps a comment with the number of people in their party.

Don’t just sit back and take it any more.  JOIN US as we

I think this looks incredible, and I’m going to be there for at least part of the day, taking pictures, collecting blog material, meeting people and live tweeting.

State and county GOPs are missing an amazing opportunity to re-establish themselves as the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility and establish themselves as the party of responsive government by not publicizing and/or participating at these events, especially given the expressed interest of Democrats and Independents.


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4 responses to “Protest For Government Accountability

  1. superblueflag

    Tea Party gear can be found at

  2. Have any representatives in SnoCo committed to attending a tea party? Everett or otherwise?

    • paulag1955

      Not that I know of, but I’m not that plugged in. There’s no link on the SnoCo GOP website, which is specifically why I blogged about it, because they do have a link to my blog, which people do occasionally click through from.

  3. Shame on them. I will email my reps tonight and ask them why they don’t plan to attend.

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