Is Patty Murray Really Pro-Choice?

On Thursday, Patty Murray voted against the Coburn amendment to S.Con.Res.13, the Senate budget bill. The Coburn amendment would have protected health care professional from employment discrimination if they refused to participate in medical procedures or dispense drugs for which they hold moral or religious objections.

Patty Murray’s vote against this amendment should come as no surprise. It’s not as though she was just going along to get along. Last November, she co-sponsored a bill with then-Senator Hillary Clinton that would have prevented the Bush administration from granting new protections to those workers.

It’s time to drop the pretense that Patty Murray is really “pro-choice.” If she were, she would value the rights of everyone to choose whether or not to have an abortion or be involved in performing one. Instead, she callously affirms the right of women to seek abortions at the expense of the rights of those who have sincerely held objections. So…Patty Murray; pro-choice or just pro-abortion?


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2 responses to “Is Patty Murray Really Pro-Choice?

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  2. Claire

    If someone is willing to cheer and chant that the unborn should be thrown away like trash when they cause an inconvenience, then why would they care about the rights of anyone?

    Good blog! I found you on Twitter (kneedeep).

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