Misdirected Anger Is A Dangerous Thing

The folks at The Connecticut Working Families Party are angry. They’re so angry about the AIG bonuses, they organized a bus tour for last Saturday, March 21st, of the homes of the executives who benefited.

Says Jon Green, CWFP Director:

We’re going to be peaceful and lawful in everything we do. I know there’s a lot of anger and a lot of rage about what’s happened. We’re not looking to foment that unnecessarily, but what we want to do is give folks in Bridgeport and Hartford and other parts of Connecticut who are struggling and losing their homes and their jobs and their health insurance an opportunity to see what kinds of lifestyle billions of dollars in credit-default swaps can buy.

I’m glad for Mr. Green’s reassurance that CWFP isn’t trying to foment rage against those AIG executives or anything, because without that, I might have been confused.

Seriously, I understand this anger. Unfortunately, the kind of anger that CWFP is encouraging is woefully misdirected. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding AIG, the TARP funds they received, the morality of the business practices that led to their financial troubles, their wisdom in not renegotiating the contracts, or any number of dubious business decisions, the AIG employees were, to my knowledge, acting within the law. To make them the butts of our collective anger serves no purpose and poses some very real dangers.

First, this kind of misdirected anger could lead to violence. Even taking Mr. Green at his word that CWFP’s motives are relatively benign, I think we can be reasonably certain that they did not perform background checks to screen out disturbed individuals who might potentially be a danger to the AIG executives and their families.

Second, while CWFP’s goal may not be to foment anger and rage, they are apparently not so circumspect about stoking the smoldering fire of class envy by providing an “opportunity to see what kinds of lifestyle billions of dollars in credit-default swaps can buy.”

Finally, and less obviously, misdirected anger protects the legitimate object of that anger, in this case various administrations and an assortment of Congressmen and Senators. Witness:

(Note: This vides was produced prior to the 2008 election. By including this video, it is not my intention either to blame all Democrats or absolve all Republicans.)

Unless our anger is narrowly focused on the proper source of that anger, what hope do we have to rid ourselves of the source?

Yes, I’m angry. Right now I’m angry that a group of elected leaders placed an experiment in social engineering over the financial well-being of our country. I’m angry at every Senator and Congressman that voted for the TARP legislation and I’m doubly angry at every Democrat Senator and Congressman – plus the three Republicans – who voted for ARRA. To see these people writing letters and appearing on television now, doing everything possible to deflect the blame from themselves…well, that’s not my idea of leadership.

So I’m going to take my anger, and I ask that you do the same, and channel it into a resolve to replace every last one of these irresponsible, cowardly legislators. Please, research your legislators record on the Community Reinvestment Act and their votes on TARP and ARRA, then get busy: blog about it, write letters to your local paper or campaign for a principled, fiscally conservative candidate. Together, we can make a difference.


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5 responses to “Misdirected Anger Is A Dangerous Thing

  1. I actually posted a similar vent on my blog this past weekend. But this raises some great points on the local level. It’s too bad these AIG guys are all leftist libs themselves. With a little allegiance to the Second Amendment, perhaps these AIG guys would feel more comfortable standing on their front lawns and justifying the blatant hypocrisy of this whole situation, rather than cowering in the corner of their homes when these demented freakshows pull up for in their tour buses.

  2. Tom

    The Connecticut Working Families Party is a far left organization with little real impact except to community organize against any cause to get publicity. Connecticut has a history and tradition of fine leaders dating back to the early days of the Republic. In recent years it has turned its’ back on those traditions and taken a new path bringing forth people (not leaders) such as Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman. The local news coverage encourages the radical fringe such as CWFP with easy air time and has for years backed both Senators blindly.

    It is frustrating to live in Connecticut and yet blogs like yours give us hope. Thank you for your words, and thoughts they provide the light of hope for those of us living under the cloud of liberalism.

    • paulag1955

      I understand your frustration, living in Western Washington. I am personally represented on both the state and federal levels, by some of the most extreme left Democrats holding elected office. I’d encourage you to start writing letters to all your local papers about Chris Dodd’s involvement in this mess…plant some seeds.

  3. Jim

    Or better yet, take the passion and energy and channel it into running for local municipal offices, which will provide good on the job training for county, state and federal offices. Until we overcome the public education most of us received that gave us very little information on the importance and value of civic roles, especially local ones, our anger will do little else than serve as humor for those who do understand the power and potential of participating in local government. We believe in this idea of limited government in Texas, by and large. The philosophy of limited government will not prevail in our nation, however, if there are not proven, electable candidates that have demonstrated that this philosophy will work at the local level in this nation’s communities.

    • paulag1955

      I agree and I am encouraging some people I know to do so. I’m especially trying to get good, conservative people to run for school board positions. That being said, life as an elected official is not for everyone, but everyone can blog, write letters and support good candidates. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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