Time To Name Names, Senator

Big news! Senator John McCain is now on Twitter. In case you haven’t heard, Twitter is a micro-blogging social networking site where each “tweet” is limited to 140 characters. And yes, this is the same John McCain who was scorned as being horribly out of touch during the campaign because he didn’t use e-mail all that much.

I’ve been enjoying  following Senator McCain as each day he’s been tweeting a Top Ten list of wasteful spending projects being considered by Congress. Check it out.


Pretty cool, huh? There’s just one teeny-tiny thing missing.

Maybe you remember this:

What I’m wondering is, where are the names, Senator McCain? Why aren’t you making those big spenders famous? I know you didn’t win the election, but this is one promise to the American people that you could keep anyway. Unless, of course, it was only words.

(As a side note, Senator McCain has gained over 157,000 followers since January 23, 2009.)


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4 responses to “Time To Name Names, Senator

  1. DaMav

    Excellent point!

    Well at least with the character number constraints on Twitter he’s not saying, “My friends…” 😉

  2. Nalora

    Nice, I hope he does start putting in the names (and the (R) or the (D). So we can call them out on both sides!

    great post

  3. Not much space on Twitter, so maybe he could name names on a blog… I know at least some of us would like to know those names.

    It just occurred to me that while McCain was warning the voters that Obama would raise taxes, it didn’t matter. The people who voted for Obama didn’t CARE if taxes went up, because they don’t pay taxes. And they will be happy when people who do pay taxes have to pay more.

    These are the people who can’t “get” the connection between profitable businesses and the creation of jobs. And many of them don’t even want jobs… So if they did see the connection, they still wouldn’t care.

    I don’t know where they think the government can get money to give to them if all business goes broke and everyone stops paying taxes, but since Obama seems to just crank up the printing presses when he wants more, I don’t suppose they’re worried about that either.

  4. What I noticed is how many people Senator McCain follows back and must wonder if he wants to hear from any of us?

    31 out of 156,454 at time of post . . .


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