If I Call You A Libtard, Can You Hear Anything Else I Say?

This is a post where I’ve put all my goods in the shop window, so to speak; my headline just about says it all.

Consider this a plea for civility in online discussions of politics. I know it can be tempting to take a cheap shot when you’re in the midst of a “private” conversation with like-minded people, but keep in mind that unless you’ve actually taken steps to keep your conversation private…it’s not. Deliberately inflammatory language and name-calling may score some easy laughs but can also confirm stereotypes and be counter-productive in the long run.


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10 responses to “If I Call You A Libtard, Can You Hear Anything Else I Say?

  1. adrielhampton

    Hear, hear, Paula! You’re the best.

  2. Ah, I like inciting the wrath of others not so like minded. Of course, I almost never use words like “libtard” online.
    Online is a surreal place to me, I really don’t consider it “real”. I incite people with WORDS, in person. In cafes, dinners, offices, coffee shops. (coffee shops are GREAT places to start something with libs, they’re FULL of them)

    Yes, if we call someone a ‘libtard” they can hear what else we say. It may not register until later, but they hear it.

    There are people that no longer speak to me, because a few hours later, they heard me…

    • paulag1955

      I guess where I’m really going with this is that putting that stuff in writing is a really counter productive. I’m trying to think of myself as an ambassador for my ideas so I’m trying to consider how well I’m representing them. If I’m the only source someone has for conservative ideas, do they make a favorable or unfavorable impression based on my representation. People are watching and listening. For example, during the RNC Chair vote, it was embarrassing to know (via comments) that liberals were watching because the proceedings were not representing us (“us” being conservatives as conservative = Republican to most liberals) in a good way. I don’t want to give them any more ammo than they already have.

  3. I’ve bookmarked this and keep sending it my fellow liberals when they start name calling on conservatives. They deflate and start making cogent arguments instead of ad hominem attacks.

    We might not agree on many policies, but I think we agree that civility is key to civilization.

    Thanks, and I find much on your site inspiring. Of course, I discovered you through this: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/3/26/713407/-Twitter-+-StimulusConservative-Stupidity

  4. jon

    Not sure how I missed this before, but … well said!


  5. Very well said, and excellent point! We ALL need to keep this in mind. Like you, I know that for a very few people, I am the main conservative person they know, or read. Mean-spiritedness and name-calling accomplish nothing but zeroing out any credibility one might have had.

    Great post!

  6. Big Bomb

    This is a point I have tried endlessly to make folks understand from either side. There’s a very conservative forum I go to, and it’s hard to get them to realize I’m there because I actually care about their point of view. And — if you don’t insult me, and go to anger rhetoric, you have a better chance of actually converting someone to your point of view. Isn’t that what you want ultimately — especially when many of these folks have religion tied into the politics. Be a fisherman, etc.? Instead, I get “well, I call my brother a dummy and he knows I love him” as the response. I’ve also stopped many a liberal dinner party by going “if someone here said the had one of the most prestigious post-grad degrees in the united states, would you feel comfortable calling them a mongoloid?” To which I get the — “daddy bought Ws undergrad grades and post-grad degree.” Of course, that makes it easier for me, because then I know not to even try … by the same token I’ve always been burned by Limbaugh calling Clinton “dummy” when there’s so many better and well-suited negative epitaphs you can throw at him.

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