Rodney Coronado…”A Fine Young Man.”

Does your definition of “a fine young man” include arson in the name of animal rights? To PETA founder, Ingrid Newkirk, it does.

To eco-extremists and animal rights activists, I guess it’s okay to set fires as long as you’re a school teacher. Yeah. I think we definitely need more domestic terrorists in the classroom. So Rodney Coronado and Bill Ayers, team teaching. Dynamite combo!

There is a disturbing undercurrent of thought, here, that says terrorism is okay if your motives are pure. This seem to be distressingly common in the Pacific Northwest. In March of 2008, an arson fire attributed to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) caused $7 million damages to four homes in an uninhabited green housing development. In June of 2008, Briana Waters was sentenced to six years in prison and fined $6 million dollars for her participation in the firebombing of the Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington, also an action of ELF.

ELF has been particularly active in the Pacific Northwest and one might be so naive as to think that people of good conscience would reject acts of domestic terrorism out of hand. While that might be true in some parts of the country, I’m sorry to say that here in the Greater Seattle area, you don’t have to go far to hear people making excuses. People who you know to be otherwise rational, apparently throw all reason to the wind when the environment is involved. They are the ones who will say things like, “Well I can understand what drove them to it.”

Huh? Terrorism is wrong and motivation is irrelevant. Why don’t people say, “Setting fires is wrong and I don’t care why they did it?” Whether it’s right-wing extremists fire-bombing abortion clinics or left-wing extremists fire-bombing housing developments, terrorism is wrong. People who engage in terrorism are not “fine people” no matter what their motives are and by contributing money to their defense, you condone their actions, which pretty much makes you something other than a “fine person” as well.

In case you had any doubts as to just how “fine” Rodney Coronado is, you can read his “fine” biography here. And if you’re interested in knowing just how “fine” an organization PETA is, you can find that here.


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5 responses to “Rodney Coronado…”A Fine Young Man.”

  1. Have you ever seen the Bullsh*t episode about PETA? It may be their best one.

  2. I think it’s on C-Span. It a show that covers congressional efforts to pass stimulus šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    It’s so cute how few people actually understand what the word “terrorism” means. As far as I’m concerned for an act to be terrorism there has to be a component of violence. Destroying objects and property is not violent. A machine does not have a central nervous system. A building does not feel fear. The destruction of inanimate objects is really no big deal if all precautions to not harm human and non-human animal life.
    Also PETA is a shit organization with little credibility and Rodney Coronado is a hero.

    • It's Only Words

      I think it’s cute how some people think that word definitions involve any component of “as far as I’m concerned. Words have meanings. “Violence,” for example, means “behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.” And “terrorism” means “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” So your personal word definitions have little relevance to a serious discussion of terrorism.

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