Public Schools…Success or Failure?

As I often tell my acquaintances farther along toward the left end of the political spectrum, the answer to questions such as the one posed here is often a matter of perspective.

If the objective of our public schools it to produce citizens who are capable of independent, critical thought and with enough historical, economic, and civics knowledge to function as good citizens in our republic, our public schools appear to be abject failures.

On the other hand, if you believe that “Education is the motor-force of revolution,” as does Bill Ayers, then our schools have succeeded quite nicely. Please see this excellent article by Phyllis Schlafly for more information about the leftist takeover of our schools.

A silent revolution has transformed our public schools from halls of learning to indoctrination centers for leftist thought. As a parent, I experienced first-hand the constant push to advance of the leftist agenda, for example, a kindergarten project asking the question, “How did the tree feel,” (when it was cruelly cut down and put to use) and high school math texts that ask questions, not about the numbers involved in a particular problem, but about the social implications.

So the next time you’re wondering why our public schools are failing and our students continue to lag behind other industrialized countries in math and science and it seems as though nothing ever really gets done to fix it, stop and ask yourself, do the people in charge really consider our schools a failure?


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6 responses to “Public Schools…Success or Failure?

  1. The fastest growing school choice is home education. We are busy teaching parents how to take back their child’s education by teaching them at home. When such folks as Will Smith, Wynonna Judd and Nascar drivers are homeschooling their kids, you know it’s socially acceptable now. By Homeschooling your children, you can be sure what they are taught, and how it is taught. With minorities now being 25% of the homeschool community, they need no longer bow at the public school door and continue to obtain an insufficient education. We also have many single parents and working parents now homeschooling. Virtual schools are increasing to make it easier for those busy parents.

    Homeschooling is a way of life that promotes a lifestyle of learning.
    National Director
    Homeschooling Family to Family (dot org)

  2. Lyn

    Good post. Public schools are a wreck. Part of the blame does go to the leftists who use schools to impose their beliefs instead of educate.

    The objective of schools should be to produce good citizens that have a broad skills set and share a common history. Public schools don’t do this. Segregated schools used to do this. Integrated schools have never succeeded at anything worthwhile to society.

    • paulag1955

      Hmm, I don’t think that it has anything to do with segregation/desegregation per se. Rather, I think that the timing of desegregation just happened to collide with leftists beginning to successfully transform schools from teaching to indoctrinating.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I think you’re absolutely right that public schools are successful at what they’ve set out to be.

    I do think that this partly has to do with how materialistic all of us are, on both the Left and the Right. If the criterion is ultimately individual success, then that forces equality of outcome. “Equality of opportunity” is a slippery concept in a way – yes, it’s about liberty, but it can very easily become a demand for equality now.

    My thoughts on education: Why Vouchers are the Most Important Political Issue in America & Bill Ayers and the Corruption of the Academy

  4. actually public schools can also give great education to your kids, it is also as good as most private schools ‘

    • paulag1955

      Yes, they can, but all to often they don’t. Individual schools and school districts may provide educations “almost as good as most private schools” but I don’t think that statement would be true for many schools, especially in the inner cities.

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