No Place For Imagination At NBC has produced another excellent video promoting a culture of life. Their goal, when the contacted me last week via e-mail, was to raise $3million to buy ad space during the Superbowl. The ad was positive, uplifting, non-controversial and, apparently, too effective for NBC, who has refused to allow the video to air.

NBC has rejected an uplifting and positive pro-life ad submitted for its Super Bowl broadcast this Sunday. After several days of negotiations, an NBC representative in Chicago told today that NBC and the NFL are not interested in advertisements involving “political advocacy or issues.”

Brian Burch, President of reacted: “There is nothing objectionable in this positive, life-affirming advertisement. We show a beautiful ultrasound, something NBC’s parent company GE has done for years. We congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the first African-American President. And we simply ask people to imagine the potential of every human life.”

“NBC told that they do not allow political or issue advocacy advertisements. But that’s not what they told PETA,” said Burch. “There’s no doubt that PETA is an advocacy group. NBC rejected PETA’s ad for another reason altogether.”

According to an email posted on, Victoria Morgan, Vice President of Advertising Standards for Universal, said: “The PETA spot submitted to Advertising Standards depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” Morgan even detailed “edits that need to be made” in order for the spot to run during the Super Bowl.

“NBC claims it doesn’t allow advocacy ads, but that’s not true. They were willing to air an ad by PETA if they would simply tone down the sexual suggestiveness. Our ad is far less provocative, and hardly controversial by comparison,” said Burch.

“The purpose of our new ad is to spread a message of hope about the potential of every human life, including the life of Barack Obama,” said Burch. “We are now looking at alternative venues to run the ad over the next several weeks.”

Wow! I’ll say this for NBC…they don’t really make it easy for you to register a complaint. The offer this contact form, which I’ve used a few times and will do so again. I’ve never gotten a response, so who knows if anyone other than the mail clerk sees them. Another option is to sign up for and make a blog entry.

For comparison purposes, here’s a link to the PETA ad that NBC deemed too suggestive – and it is, which is why I’m not embedding it  here – but which they would apparently air if the sexuality were toned down.  If you do go view it, just take a minute to soak in the smugness over how incredibly clever they think they are to make these porn-lite ads.


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4 responses to “No Place For Imagination At NBC

  1. If you look at MSNBC’s coverage, they’re plainly in the tank for just about every liberal cause on the planet. I thought that NBC was a bit better than that. It’s sad to see that they’ve almost sunk to the same level as their affiliate.

  2. I am so glad you blogged this – will link to it immediately! Blessings/sc

  3. Peta has killed more animals they take in than the city’s shelter. They do not have the time to take care of them. Peta does not want you to be able to have a pet? When we have no more animals what do we use for fertilizer? I am sure their members keep all the mice and rats and insects safe in their homes too?

  4. wow!! never knew this, it’s really amazing all that is happening these days, and the attempt to silence our view of life & yet tell the world that there is freedom of speech and expression. Yet allow all other beliefs but when it comes to ours, nope sorry we dont agree..

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