Thanks, Rush!

I heard from my good friend, Erick Brockway (check out A TowDog’s Blog), that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was collecting signatures for a petition to be sent to Rush Limbaugh because, according to their website, “When members of the Republican Attack Machine like Rush Limbaugh kick into action, we need a strong grassroots response.”

Ooooh, scary. The Republicans have an Attack Machine!

Erick is encouraging conservatives to send Rush a message of support, courtesy of the DCCC’s petition. So I did. What fun! I can only hope that someone will be screening the messages, even if it means that mine gets screened out, because I laid it on really thick.

Dear Rush:

Thank you for the strong stand you’re taking against President Obama’s Socialist agenda. Rush, I know – as does anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of the English language – that you didn’t say anything that even remotely implies that you hope President Obama fails to meet our great country’s challenges. It must be terribly frustrating for you to be continually misquoted and your remarks mischaracterized by the leftists in the Democrat Party.

I know you love this country as much as I do, and that you’re hoping against hope that our new President does succeed in reversing our current economic situation. Unfortunately, we both know that won’t happen if President Obama is successful in passing his pork-laden stimulus bill, enacting new Socialist programs, and piling onerous new regulations motivated by inconclusive science onto our struggling industries.

So thanks again, Rush. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do to advance the cause of personal liberty in the United States.

God bless.

Please, send your message to Rush, too. They only need 2,400 more signatures!


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7 responses to “Thanks, Rush!

  1. Otis

    God bless you Rush for all you do! You’re the only voice of sanity this country has. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Russ for being there for us otherwise we would never get the truth. Someone has to keep our sanity and to know we have someone out there keeping us informed rather than the bias media that I don’t watch anymore. Don’t let them get you down stay strong, and there’s alot of us behind you. it’s the truth,justice, and the American way we are shooting for. God Bless you and your family.

  3. WONDERFUL message Paula, I hope it sneaks through. I blogged on this last week, Rush is 110% right. Keep fighting the fight! We have four years of this ahead of us, four years to reclaim America.

  4. Warren Zimmerman

    Rush is right, again. There is a definite lack of conservative leadership in both houses of congress. Rush speaks the truth and I know he will continue to fight for conservative values. He also is a strong supporter of Gov. Palin, which I like.

  5. Personally I petitioned with the reversal. I let the DCCC know that Free Speech is free speech. Let the man be… He can say what ever he wants, especially if they do not like it. I think they are twisting his words as well. He said he hopes that Obama “fails” because he does not want Obama’s “solutions” in America. People are a little to naive/ignorant. Also, Obama supporters are really touchy!

    I put together a little profile with the petition links and Rush bio at

  6. bill

    Excuse me. Why didn’t that Hypocrite Rush take his own advice and banish himself to Mars as he suggested other drugies do?

    • paulag1955

      Bill, I would prefer that remarks contribute to an intelligent discussion of the topic at hand; this comment clearly does not meet that standard. I went ahead and approved this one, but in the future, please stick to the subject at hand. I’ve just spent the morning reviewing numerous polls taken on the stimulus package and have come the conclusion that the American population is so ignorant on the subject of ecnomics that their opinions can’t be taken seriously.

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