RNC Winter Meeting

In one week, the Republican National Committee will be meeting to select their new chairperson. If you have a preference, now is the time to make it known to your state’s committee members.

For Washington State, the committee members are:

WSRP State Chairman, Luke Esser. Luke is on Twitter @LukeEsser or can be reached via e-mail at luke@wsrp.org (425) 460-0570

National Committeeman, Jeff Kent. Jeff can be reached via e-mail at jeffkent@interlube.com

National Committeewoman, Fredi Simpson. Fredi is on Twitter @fredi_simpson or can be reached via e-mail at kanesma@verizon.net

Both Luke and Fredi are relatively new to Twitter so if you choose to contact them that way, it would probably be best to back it up with an e-mail.

If you’re not from Washington, you can find out the committee members for your state here.

The candidates are current chair, Mike Duncan*; Michigan State chair, Saul Anuzis; former Ohio Secretary of State and 2004 gubernatorial nominee, Ken Blackwell; South Carolina state chair, Katon Dawson; former Maryland Lieutenant Governor, Michael Steele; and former Tennessee State chair and Mike Huckabee campaign manager, Chip Saltsman*.

*Previously on It’s Only Words, more on Duncan and Saltsman.


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2 responses to “RNC Winter Meeting

  1. Greg Anderson

    Support Saul Anuzis!

    • paulag1955

      I’m partial to Saul myself, but it may just be because I like blue collar guys. Also like Ken Blackwell. They’re my top two.

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