No Further Comment

One of the things my parents taught me was that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Applying that to my inauguration day post, it will necessarily be brief.

I hope and pray that Barack Obama will be successful as President of the United States because I hope and pray that the United States will be successful. I will support him in every measure that I believe will move us toward that goal; I will oppose in in every measure that I believe will move us away from that goal. I will pray for divine guidance for him as he seeks to lead our great country, and for his safety as well as that of his wife and his charming daughters.

Whether or not I agree with President Obama’s positions on the issues, I do agree it is an historic inauguration day as our first president of African-American descent is sworn it. While it doesn’t prove that we, as a nation, have moved beyond race, I believe it does prove that we’ve moved beyond racism, that that has to be a good thing.


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4 responses to “No Further Comment

  1. I think I can join with you in all of this, but the last. At the very least our mass media and the Democratic party have not yet managed to move beyond race or they wouldn’t be making such an issue of it with regard to “the one.”

  2. My mother taught me the same thing.

    I, too, pray that President Obama will govern with grace, wisdom, and understanding and for the continued protection of Michelle and his daughters.

    This is an historic day even more so than every other Inauguration has been historic, not only because of Obama’s roots, but also because of the challenges which he faces.

    I wish him the best. God bless him and God bless America.

  3. If Obama’s agenda is to move the US toward socialism, and government dependency, then I don’t hope he succeeds. I don’t wish him well.

    If however he means to govern responsibly and practically with an eye toward personal responsibility, and is truely tough on those terrorists who wish to destroy us, then I wish him all the success in the world.

    I pray God grants him wisdom to know the difference.

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