As if  license fees based on engine displacement aren’t onerous enough, SB6900 also includes provisions to tax vehicles based on CO2 emissions.

CO2 Emissions (Grams per Mile) Fee Schedule
Up to 161 $0
162 to 193 $70
194 to 241 $225
242 to 266 $275
267 to 298 $325
299 to 362 $400
Over 362 $600

I admit to being completely ignorant as to the amount of CO2 emissions of an average car, but it’s pretty clear that for all but the smallest vehicles, the cost of a license will be well over the $30 that Washingtonians have voted for, not once, but twice.

After a closer reading of the bill, I see that the engine displacement fee is intended to punish people who drive big cars offset wear and tear on the roads, and the emissions fee, of course, is intended to punish people who drive big cars protect the environment, with the overall intent of the bill being to force people to ride buses by making vehicle ownership cost prohibitive raise revenue to help ease traffic congestion by promoting public transit that doesn’t get you where you want to go building more roads.

SB6900 states that all revenue must be deposited into the “multi-modal transportation account.” That is government speak for “we say transportation but don’t you think for a second that we’re gonna use it to add road capacity.” In any event, Washington does not have a particularly good record for keeping it’s promises as to how revenue will be spent. Eventually, everything ends up in the general fund to be spent on whim by the Legislature.

Washington voters, please contact your legislators today to let them know your views on SB6900.

Contact Information for State Legislators


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3 responses to “T2

  1. Did I say $995? More like $1995 or more…

    Trip Permits… that’s what I need. Trip permits for the vette, and trip permits for the pickup truck. I only drive the vette a couple of times a year, and I use the truck for dump runs about once (or twice) a season.

    My other cars get driven every day. But they’re smaller displacement and get better mileage (which means less CO2).

  2. The problem for the state is that I have a car and I actually use it. I don’t give any serious thought,so they think, to just hopping in and driving to work or to the grocery store. The tax is to punish me for my completely selfish behavior. Obvious the fuel taxes and over priced registration fees aren’t enough. Perhaps it would be far simpler to simply have my company direct deposit my paycheck into the state general fund.

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