Where’s The Mystery?

Blessing or burden?

A 16 year old Port Angeles, Washington, girl gave birth to a precious baby boy in the early morning hours of January 29th, alone in the bathroom of her father’s house. After the baby was born, the girl submerged his face in the toilet bowl until he stopped breathing, placed him in a plastic garbage bag and threw him into the trash can behind the house. (AP Article) The girl is being held on $500,000 bail and will likely be charged as an adult with first- or second-degree murder.

Rightfully so. No excuse can be made, no reason given, no extenuating circumstances that can justify the cold blooded way this person – I cannot bring myself to call her a mother – murdered her newborn son.

I read this article on the Seattle Times website along with all the comments that were posted, two of which caught my attention.

“What is happening in our society that this tragic action could even be imagined, let alone performed, by a 16 year old? Where did this idea come from and will we do anything about it?”

“How could a mother have held her child to drown him in a toilet? I can’t even imagine he depravity.”

Is there really a question as to how our society reached a point where we routinely hear about young mothers abandoning their babies to die and sometimes, like today, hear of them killing their newborns?

In a society where the rights of the mother supersede the rights of her unborn child; in a society where abortions are performed by vacuuming out the “contents of the uterus,” often in pieces;  in a society where babies are hacked into pieces in utero, in a society where someone could conceive of the abomination we call partial birth abortion; in a world where others would emulate rather than castigate him, I ask, where is the mystery?

In a world where a mother would consent to a partial-birth abortion, isn’t it a short step to this sad story?


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6 responses to “Where’s The Mystery?

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  2. Antonio Gianninni

    Well said!

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  4. It’s a sad state of affairs, I agree. It’s too bad our elected officials can’t/won’t do anything about it, either!

  5. Shocking, so shocking. Especially because there are so many ways to legally abandon a baby. She could have dropped it off at a firehouse and been on with her life. Or contacted an adoption agency. Something!

  6. We have been taught to place little to no value on life. Self gratification and personal satisfaction are all that matters.

    Conviction, responsibility and self sacrifice are no longer part of our personal vocabulary. The weight of selfishness crushes compassion.

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