Totally Skewed

Not a typo, I assure you.

As a brand new blogger, one of the first things I do each morning – sometimes even before coffee! – is to check my blog stats to see how many hits were generated overnight. Mine have been all over the place but trending slowly upward, my first 100 hit day eagerly anticipated. Keeping that in mind, try to imagine how surprised I was this morning to log in and see, not 100, but over 400 hits! I had to go get my glasses!

Turns out my post, Paying the Price, had been linked on Conservative Grapevine. Bloggers, let me tell you, a link on Conservative Grapevine is better than chocolate. Okay, maybe not better than chocolate but you get my point.

Now let me tie this all in with the title of this post. Here is a graph of my blog hits.

Blog hits from 1/5/09

Blog hits from 1/5/09

Do you see that flat line along the bottom? That used to be a nicely differentiated graph with 103 hits at the top of the Y axis. See that tiny little bump on 12/20? That’s my previous best day, 92 hits! Woo-hoo!

Don’t think I’m complaining, though. Seriously, I’m not one to play it cool. I am really excited (hence this post) and there’s icing on the cake! Yes. Icing. I made Conservative Grapevine’s “Most Clicked This Month” list. Please don’t remind me that you have to scroll down to see my link or that it’s only the 5th of the month or that several of the links above me on the list are bikini photos of various stars.

Then, as if even that were not enough, someone linked to Paying the Price again in a comment on Michelle Malkin’s blog! Okay, so it wasn’t Michelle herself (hint, hint, Michelle) but it was on her blog. And not that I expect you to click through, but it’s comment #36. Just sayin’.

Those of you who are old hands to blogging may get a chuckle out of this post. Heck, maybe everyone will get a chuckle. Or possibly be disgusted by this shameless bit of self-promotion. As for me, I’ll just revel in the warm feelings generated by this day of wonders.


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8 responses to “Totally Skewed

  1. Dan

    Congrats on a great post and on the overflow hits. I saw the same effect when CG picked my post for the socialized medicine contest. Keep up the good work!

  2. #36 was me. I figured the story need as much airplay as possible. It’s not as if the media will do it after all. They LIKE illegals, and besides, if the border closes, where will they get their crack and Mexican ditchweed?

  3. otpu


    Yesterday CG, Tomorrow Instapundit!

    better make sure your ISP has enough bandwidth.


  4. congrats!
    we both must have started at roughly the same time.
    i’ll be sure to check back!

  5. Yes, congrats Paula. I check my stats every day and am more excited about getting higher lows than the highs if that makes any sense. Keep up the momentum and Happy New Year!

  6. Dang that’s awesome, girl!

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