Paying the Price

American Minutemen Defense National Director, Shawna Forde, was brutally attacked and sexually assaulted in her Everett, Washington, home on December 29th, 2008.

According to the Minutemen website, Ms. Forde had been “investigating drug cartel operations from Nogales to Sells. She had broken in pretty deep as far as locations. She was working on discovering the connections here in [Washington State], along with human trafficking of young girls.”

This attack might be written off as a random act of violence except for the fact that only one week prior to the attack on Ms. Forde, her husband was shot five times, resulting in his hospitalization in ICU. This attack also occurred at their Everett home.

Right or wrong, it’s hard to fault the Minutemen’s willingness to take action on a recognized problem, as opposed to just talk about it. Whether or not their border activities are advisable, illegal immigration is a drain on our economy and must be stopped, just as human trafficking is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

The Fordes have paid a high price to defend and protect the United States as best they know how. Please support them with your prayers.


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9 responses to “Paying the Price

  1. Steve

    I hope people will support them with more than prayers. Many must carry the torch forward. We should help them with their situation, and the expenses involved, but many must also get involved to stop this kind of act.

  2. Mad Bluebird

    Look at the intolorent liberals they believe the 1st amendment and freedom of speech only pertains to them SCREWY STUPID INTOLORENT LIBERAL JERKS THEY ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  3. Rubicon

    We all know that to stand up & be counted on controversial issues means you also make yourself & family members targets for the extremist elements. Hopefully, law enforcement will get on this immediately & make sure the public is kept informed on the progress. These attacks require serious actions. Such attacks are commonplace in places like Mexico as they deal w/ the criminal elements who depend on the illegal activities to fund them.
    I remain angry the “old establishment media” has failed to make this a front page or lead-in item on their news reports. Only on the net do we find out about these despicable actions. WHY?
    The efforts to obscure or deflect attention away fro m the negative aspects of immigration violations & other related criminal activities, represents a significant threat to our freedom.
    I know there is apparently no proof these attacks are related. However, when has that ever stopped the media from hysterical speculation? If something fits whatever agenda a media outlet is championing, it gets real face time on the front page or as the lead-in or special item in newscasts.
    The real truth is, illegal aliens will become a serious national issue as more & more reports, done by independent non-partisan & bi-partisan groups begins to prove the costs of illegal aliens is dramatically higher than we have been led to believe.
    My thoughts & prayers are with this family.

  4. Dee

    This is an obviously FALSE accusation. Look at the pictures on her website. She is on her bed, half naked, with her backside exposed and obvious make up. This woman has not filed a police report. Last year, she posted a similar article pretending her daughter was abducted by the M13. She was not. No police report. Everyone is refutiating her charge, even alipac and other MM sites. This is a slap in the face to all women who actually experienced an attack.
    Will YOUR SITE be issuing an apology for posting these false charges? I hope she is indicted! This is an afront to ALL WOMEN!!

  5. Audrey Buss

    I assume her husband’s 5 gunshot wounds are also made up??

  6. paulag1955

    Although Ms. Forde does not anticipate giving a full statement to the police until next week, police and paramedics were summoned to the home immediately after the attack and are investigating the crime, according to Everett Police Sergeant, Robert Goetz. You read the article in the Herald, Dee, so you should know that. Or maybe you commented on the article without reading it?

    I can’t find enough information on the alleged kidnapping incident to comment. In fact, other than the statement on the Alipac website, I can’t find any information.

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