Babysitting the Consumer

As of Thursday, chain restaurants in King County were required to post nutritional information on their menus.

So declares Seattle Time reporter, Maureen O’Hagan, speaking on the topic of a newly enacted King County ordinance. (Full article here.) King County remains on the cutting edge of the nanny state. Congratulations, Mr. Sims and council members!

On a side note, the same ordinance bans styrofoam food containers, so be prepared for a greasy mess when you order take out.

Ms. O’Hagan seems a little surprised that chowderbowlgiven the shocking calorie counts (for example, Ivar’s bread bowl white chowder, 1,360 calories) for popular restaurant foods, people are still buying. The fact of which Ms. O’Hagan and the nanny-staters she shills for in the Times seem painfully unaware is, most consumers haven’t been on holiday at the far end of the galaxy for the last ten years.

You can hardly turn on the TV without seeing a report on how this or that restaurant selection is bad for you. If you missed it on TV, it’s all available online. Given all that background information, who could look at that chowder bowl and maintain the impression that it’s health food?

Give consumers some credit. Most people don’t go to a restaurant expecting to save calories or improve their health. Most people go in having deliberately made the choice to eat there, knowing full well the vast majority of the choices will not be healthy.

People who consistently fail to make wise choices with their eating habits will eventually have to pay the piper at the cost of their good health. As harsh as it sounds, they must still be allowed to fail on their own behalf. How can there be any true accomplishment if our success in any endeavor is guaranteed by the government? The freedom to fail is an important freedom that needs to be protected, not legislated into history.


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4 responses to “Babysitting the Consumer

  1. They’re going to try to use the health care system to regulate food people are allowed to eat. Watch. If you eat out at McCrappy’s more than a certain number of times, or weigh a certain amount over your ideal, they’ll jack with your coverage. HillaryCare first, then regulating your diet.

    • paulag1955

      Yes, I agree that gov’t health care could be a first step to that. My husband is a gov’t employee and we already have a graduated payment health care program based on a participants willingness to adopt healthy lifestyle choices. Or lie about doing so. Whichever.

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