Say What?

Associated Press

SEATTLE —  Gov. Chris Gregoire declared a winter storm emergency Wednesday as many Western Washington residents hoped for a traditional rainy Christmas after a week of heavy snow, jammed airports, closed roads and cabin fever.


I admit to being a little confused. Yes, much of the state has had record or near record snowfall but here in Snohomish County (one of the counties where a state of emergency had previously been declared), most people seem to be going about their business with only a moderate amount of inconvenience. Roads are busy, shoppers fill the local malls,  grocery stores appear to be fully stocked and there are no wide-spread power outages. The only sign that something might be amiss are “out of service” signs on the pumps at some gas stations.

The article quotes Gregoire as saying, “A number of counties and cities are struggling to meet the problems posed by this month’s onslaught of snow and winter weather,” but doesn’t give any details of just how they’re struggling. In fact, the only weather-related problems detailed in the article are some transit time issues for dairy products and an unfortunate de-icing incident at Sea-Tac airport that caused some people to have eye irritation. Someone needed an eyewash! Call out the National Guard, for God’s sake!

Jammed airports and closed roads may be inconvenient and ruin your holiday travel plans but the last time I checked, they weren’t life threatening. Likewise, cabin fever isn’t really a fever and no one ever died from it. And since we’re talking about cabin fever, the incubation period is longer than seven days. More like seven months. If you can’t entertain yourself at home for seven days, then it’s like my ex-husband used to say, “Only boring people get bored.” Oh, and if your kids are driving you crazy try “making them behave.” It works wonders!

I’m not sure what Governor Gregoire is trying to accomplish here. If she’s trying to score points with the voters, why bother? She was re-elected after four years of binge spending that gave us a projected $5 billion deficit. Short of being caught drowning kittens, I’m inclined to believe there’s nothing she could do to earn the scorn of Washington voters. On the other hand, if she’s trying to make Washington the laughingstock of the nation, she’s doing a fine job. Way to go, Christine!

Read the full AP article.

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