Mike Duncan Should Do The Honorable Thing

Conservative author and Republican strategist, Michael Patrick Leahy, called today for RNC Chairman, Mike Duncan, to withdraw his bid for re-election effective immediately. Leahy made the case that Duncan’s lackluster leadership and failure to embrace new technology as a political tool was a major contributing factor in Republican losses in 2008. I concur.

I find it surprising that Duncan is not embarrassed to show his face in public, let alone campaign to retain his chair. It’s not so much that we lost the presidency; lost in the U.S. House and Senate; lost in state and local races:  it was the manner in which we lost that pains me and should be a source of shame to Mr. Duncan.

It is one thing to lose based on the merits of your candidates and their positions; that is an honorable loss. To lose, however, because you are out-maneuvered by a nimble, technologically savvy opponent whose policies and positions will hinder rather than help our country is inexcusable. To lose because you skirt the truth rather than offend your opponent is inexcusable. To lose because you don’t even try in Democrat strongholds is inexcusable.

It seems to me that honor demands that Mike Duncan step aside. We’re not asking him to fall on his sword in some public display of mea culpa. We’re just asking that he quietly step aside to clear the way for new leadership who can then get to work rehabilitating the Republican brand.

Mr. Duncan – please – do the honorable thing.


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4 responses to “Mike Duncan Should Do The Honorable Thing

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  2. Good posting. This man was so ineffective, I had never even heard of him. The RNC, to me, was this mysterious group hidden in some back room in Washington DC. Periodically they’d make some blunder and than the three initial “R N C” would come up in the media.

    I cannot understand how it was even possible to lose the Congress to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They are proverbial caricatures who are truly embarrassing to the American people.

    I am mystified that this man is even allowed to run.

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  4. I have no clue why he’d even consider running again, unless it’s for power. Sure can’t be his wanting to lead.
    Need to have more a tech-savvy PR person in there.

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