Have An Orgasm Every Time

Have I got your attention?

I was in a local Barnes and Noble today and, once again, Cosmopolitan was displayed at the checkout, exactly at eye level for a six or seven year old, with the title of this post prominently displayed on the front cover. I’ve mentioned my objection to having Cosmo on display at the front of the store on a few different occasions and have been assured that the manager would hear about my concerns. Yeah. Right.

Today I actually spoke with the Assistant Manager and I feel reassured. Reassured, that is, that he does not understand my concern at all. His feeling? Well they probably can’t even read it but if they can, they won’t understand what it means anyway. My feeling? It is not within the purview of Barnes and Noble to dictate when and where I have a conversation with my young child about the meaning of the word orgasm.

It’s not as though it’s unusual for Cosmo covers to feature objectionable headlines.  A selection from recent issues includes:

  • How to Climax Together
  • Sexy vs. Skanky
  • Caught Butt Naked: These Horny Couples Couldn’t Control Themselves
  • Your Orgasm Face
  • Bad Girl Sex
  • Secrets of Male Arousal

Even articles that aren’t about sex feature questionable headlines, such as Dragging Ass Lately?, an article about finding more energy.

I did learn that floor displays are dictated by the corporate office. I’m asking that each of you reading this post contact the Customer Service Department at corporate headquarters and voice a complaint about displaying Cosmo at the front of the store. If anyone knows or knows how to obtain an e-mail address for CEO, Steve Riggo, please comment.


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5 responses to “Have An Orgasm Every Time

  1. Cosmo isn’t the only one with trashy covers that’s on the checkout newsstands anymore. It’s a shame.

    Remember the days when that sort of smut was hidden behind the counter?

  2. Since the manager and workers are clueless I would just turn all the magazines in my path to show their back covers.

    • paulag1955

      Claude, thanks for your comment. I do turn them around, but I know the store employees just turn them back. I want corporate to “get it.”

  3. I agree with all of the above…I am guilty of turning mags around w/BO on the cover as well…haha, but seriously I don’t think most kids care or look at the tabloids,but would prefer that the covers would not be so revealing or use such provocative headlines at times. What are you going to do…we have free speech. The tabloid mags would have to start covering the main cover like Playboys or putting them next to the Playboy mags to keep kids from viewing them?

  4. jaywasack

    Love the headline. Got my attention and agree with your position. I have a 10yr old daughter who, if she saw the headline might not understand it but nonetheless it is a moral choice the store makes on what they decide to display. B&N should be responsible about this kind of stuff. Apparently their $7 per hour manager doesn’t get it.

    Good move to turn the mags around. If not for the right reason, perhaps the manager will get sick of re-arranging them and move them somewhere else.

    @dirstraits94 #TCOT

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