It’s Official; I’m Involved in Politics

I’ve written here and here about my concerns about the Snohomish County GOP. I finally managed to contact the county chairperson and was invited to a meeting. I couldn’t attend that first meeting, but I did ask to be placed on one of their planning committees and voila! I got my first choice, the Membership and Communications Action Team. I attended my first meeting tonight.

It was both frustrating and exciting. There was a lot of passion in the room and it was all the chairman could do to keep us under control! We self sorted into three teams of two people. The committee chairman and I will be focusing on a new and improved web presence for the county organization. The other two teams will be focusing on (1) marketing and (2) foundations. Marketing will concern itself with getting out our message; foundations is a sort of grass-roots, improve the image, grow the party sort of thing.

My thinking at this point is that our site should be loosely modeled after the Rebuild the Party site, with the main site connected to a ning network and possibly facebook as well. That’s all for now; my head is spinning with too many ideas.

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