A Few More Thoughts on the WSRP Website

I re-visited the WSRP website this morning for a quick reassessment. On the bright side, the big, election results graphic that’s been failing to load for the last couple of weeks has reappeared. And that’s about it for the bright side.

My main issue with the site is that it gives the general impression that nobody cares. For starters, the site is obviously based on a template provided by the Republican Party and I guess that would be fine if it were the website for the Timbuktu Republicans; it is certainly not fine for the WSRP.  Washington is a bastion of the high tech industry and people expect more. If the WSRP doesn’t boast a single member capable of designing an original, state of the art website, our party is really in dire straits.

Next, the site still hasn’t been updated since before the election. Not a single new blog entry since 8/25 or news item since 10/21. Maybe it’s just me, but I expect new content on the internet, if not daily, if not weekly, at least each time something significant occurs. Like an election, for example. Maybe some comments from the chairman on the results?

Clicking on the “Take Action” link gives several options, such as “Call Talk Radio” and “Write a Letter to the Editor.” Clicking the Talk Radio tab takes you to the National GOP site where you’re presented with a list of national and local radio shows. That’s great, but the list of local radio shows includes Ichabod Caine and Dave Ross, but doesn’t include Kirby Wilbur or David Boze. The Write a Letter tab also links to the national site…my Snohomish County ZIP Code yields the Coupeville, Puyallup and Enumclaw papers, among others, but not the Seattle Times or the P-I. I think Washington State Republicans would be better served to have the list generated and maintained locally.

I could go on and pick a few more nits, but…I won’t. This website tells me that the WSRP is not just resigned to being the minority party in our state, but that they’re kind of okay with it. Regardless of the results of the election – which were actually encouraging in some respects for Washington – despite whether or not the party leadership will soon be changing, there should have been a plan in place (two plans!) for updating the website afterwards. There should be someplace to sign up, other than on the national website. They should be offering an e-mail newsletter. They should take online donations – unless, of course, they’re not strapped for cash. There should be a Republican store where you can buy caps, t-shirts baby wear, mugs, key chains or whatever.

Republicans have allowed themselves to be defined by the enemy, a hostile main-stream media. We need to redefine what it means to be a Republican and that starts with the WSRP website. The current website does not further our cause.

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