Republicans Make Me Tired

First it was the anonymous campaign aides, now it’s the Republican governors. Why is it that everyone feels the need to talk anonymously about Sarah Palin behind her back? Why does everyone find her so threatening?

I started a petition to send to the Republican governors, asking them to please stand together and refrain from backstabbing each other…I tried to say it a little nicer than that:

We the undersigned protest those unnamed governors who anonymously criticized Governor Sarah Palin while speaking to the press after the Republican Governors Association press conference.

Criticizing Governor Palin in this manner reflects poorly on all Republicans and threatens to cripple the party as we undertake to move forward after the 2008 election. Anyone choosing to criticize another anonymously marks him or herself as both cowardly and petty, as well as more interested in self-aggrandizement than in advancing the Republican platform and conservative principles. Furthermore, it calls into question their fitness to serve in higher office should they choose to seek it.

Thank you for your time. We respectfully call on you to stand together in unity and mutual support as it falls upon you to lead the nation in advancing the ideals of the Republican party and conservatism.

If you feel inclined to sign it, you can find it at Support Governor Sarah Palin.

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