Opportunity Lost

I visited the Washington State Republican Party’s website yesterday, eager to see their plan for mobilizing for 2010. I was surprised to find that the site had not been updated since before last Tuesday’s election.

What’s up with that?

I would have expected that a pro-active, net-savvy organization would have had a plan for updating their website post-election whether the results were positive or negative. Silly me. State party leadership is, apparently, neither pro-active nor net-savvy. Lacking that, I would have hoped they would have recognized the opportunity to mobilize those motivated (i.e., pissed off) by the election results.

Anyone visiting the site hoping to see election results – which were not all bad here in Washington; as of this writing, it looks as though Republicans actually picked up a seat in the State House – or to find some fighting words of encouragement is out of luck. All they will find is the depressing reminder of pre-election optimism.

Still hopeful, I visited my county Republican website and encountered the same depressing old news.

I visited these websites hoping to see some sign that the party is ready to move forward…that there’s a plan…that there’s something ordinary people can do to help and get involved. And more importantly, that the party leadership knows what that plan is. Because, realistically, if they don’t know, who does? I was disappointed.

If, in fact, there is a plan, it should have been posted on November 5th. Now is the time to enlist and mobilize everyone who is discouraged about the election results and the direction our country is headed. Next month or next week is not soon enough. When people are motivated to act, they need to be able to do so. It needs to be easy and obvious what they should do next. Now is the time to build a grassroots organization and and the opportunity is lost due to lack of foresight.

I e-mailed both the State and County Chairmen asking for their plans to improve the Republican image and internet presence and, not surprisingly, I haven’t heard back from either. I don’t mean to be overly critical, but if we want improved results in 2010, we needed to have started rebuilding on November 5th.

I understand that the Republican party is an extreme minority in Washington, but that’s no excuse for not trying when the future of our country is at stake and failure is not an option.


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3 responses to “Opportunity Lost

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  3. Hi Paula,

    I’m on the STMHE yahoo group and saw your linked post.

    You bring up some valid concerns about the Republican Party. As someone already pointed out, the party reorganizes on January 10. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for participating in the FutureThink committee. The future of the party depends on new leadership. Check out my website with an actual plan of reform. http://wsrpreform.blogspot.com

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